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Individual Counselling

It can be overwhelming to cope with the challenges of life and maintain healthy relationships when you are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression or trauma. 

Through individual counselling, Linda offers one to-one support in a confidential environment to address your specific needs and concerns. 

Using an eclectic approach incorporating methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy, family systems approach, and solution-focused therapy, Linda will help you identify patterns of thinking and behavior that inhibit self-growth, and work towards changing those patterns to navigate the challenges you are facing in a more positive way and set attainable goals for the future. 

Challenges Linda Has Helped Clients With:

What Happens During a One-on-One Counselling Session?

The goal of individual counselling is to talk through challenges you’re facing in your everyday life. We want to bring these up in a productive way to help you move towards a calmer, safer, more productive, healthy life. Our process is solutions-oriented, where we set specific goals and work towards solving them using a variety of modalities.

Sessions normally last 60 minutes, and the frequency needed will mostly depend on your goals, timeline, and progress. While we can make fantastic progress in a short period of time, some more complex challenges may require long-term commitment to break through and create lasting change.  

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