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Family Counselling

All families are unique, and at times, need assistance to function in a more positive manner.  There can be any number of challenges that families face, which can impact how every person relates to one another. 

Linda uses a variety of approaches such as family systems, solution-focused therapy, and strengths-based perspectives to best address the unique needs of your family.  

Throughout this process, families learn strategies to improve communication patterns, establish healthy boundaries, resolve conflict, and develop a better understanding of how their behavior impacts the family unit as a whole.

What Happens During Family Therapy?

Family therapy is a chance for your entire familial unit to meet as a group and discuss challenges arising from children to adults. Linda has decades of experience creating an aura of safety, allowing everyone to speak their mind and have their thoughts respected as equals.

A majority of sessions will include the full family; however some individual sessions may be required to provide more context or drill down on specific challenges between members. Linda may also suggest meeting with sub-groups separately such as just the parents or just the children. Every situation is unique, and Linda is qualified to assess what is best for you.

With solutions-focused counselling, the goal is to set clear goals and provide you with the tools, resources, and support to reach them. We work as a team to identify core issues and the best plan of action to solve them. If you believe that Linda is the right fit for your family feel free to book a consultation.

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