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Couple Counselling

Couples may be seeking therapy for a range of challenges that may include communication difficulties, financial concerns, intimacy issues, affairs…

Maintaining a relationship can be a challenge for many couples. When there a breakdown of trust, respect, or communication, seeking professional help is an important first step towards enhancing these bonds. 

Counselling can help couples gain a better understanding of their partner and themselves, recognize strengths and address challenges in the relationship, and take the steps needed in order to build trust, understanding, and affection. 

Linda has extensive experience working with partners in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships. She is committed to helping couples resolve conflict, improve communication, and work towards having the physical and emotion connection needed for a strong, healthy relationship. Linda is trained in the Gottman Method as well as Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.  

Linda Has Experience Helping Couples with Challenges Related to:

What Will Happen During Couples Counselling?

The majority of time spent in couples counselling will be done as a unit. There may be times where individual sessions are needed to provide more context, but the main goal is to find common ground and develop systems of communication.

Linda has experience creating an open aura of safety, allowing both parties to share their objections and give equal footing to both partners specific needs. At no point will you feel like others are talking over you, or that your opinion is not properly brought to the table.

With solutions-focused counselling, Linda helps you set clear and actionable goals and apply modalities that will help you drill down to the core of the problem and create lasting change.

While some progress can be made within the first few sessions, deeper more foundational challenges may require time and patience to unearth and solve. Linda is experienced in guiding couples towards the right path and can explain exactly what the process will look like in a free consultation.  

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