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About Linda Behr

Linda Behr is the owner and operator of the Thornhill Counselling Centre and has experience and education around modalities designed to support you and your family.

30+ Years of Experience with Individuals, Couples, and Families.

Linda Behr, MSW, RSW has over thirty years of experience as a social worker, working in health care, family maternity care, workplace critical incident debriefings, work with elderly populations, and private practice providing support to individuals, couples and families.  She also works for employee assistance programs providing counselling services and trauma support.  As a social worker, Linda has worked extensively in health care areas including oncology, emergency, and intensive care.

Dealing with life-threatening illnesses as well as grief and loss, she provides emotional support to clients and their families, helping them adjust to their health care crises. 


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Linda provides counselling for a variety of emotional and interpersonal issues, such as anxiety, depression, work/personal stress managment, self-esteem, intimate partner violence, trauma, intimacy, addiction, parenting, bereavement, and separation/divorce. 

Linda utilizes the following therapeutic approaches that are tailored to meet your individual needs: 

Linda empowers clients to achieve resilience and healing in their lives, and rebuilding trust in their relationships. She provides clients with the tools they need to restore a positive connection to themselves and others.

Linda is also trained as a family professional in Collaborative divorce and works with lawyers and Collaborative professionals to reach amicable out-of-court solutions following the breakdown of marriage. 

She uses her expertise in family dynamics, communication skills, conflict resolution and child development to promote a more co-operative separation and divorce experience.  

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